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We value everything you fly.  Guy Lieser is a senior NAAA certified aircraft appraiser offering comprehensive services through an independent company, U.S. Aircraft Appraisal, LLC (USAA). USAA offers a wide range of USPAP compliant appraisal services. Whether you're a buyer, seller, lender, investor, insurance company, law firm or government agency, you have a major stake in ensuring that the value of your aviation asset is reasonable and appropriate. The only way to determine the correct value of your aircraft is to have it appraised. USAA provides reliable, and accurate appraisal solutions for the things you buy, fly and sell. 


USAA's Chief Appraiser, Guy Lieser, is a Senior Certified Appraiser credentialed by the National Aircraft Appraisers Association (NAAA)NAAA is a global organization who's members are aviation industry experts. An NAAA certified appraisal is considered to be the Gold Standard for aircraft appraisal reports worldwide.  Guy has been a member in good standing of NAAA since 2002. Services include the establishment of current market value, retrospective market value, orderly liquidation value, and future value of an aircraft after proposed modification, and diminution of value based upon usage or damage.


At USAA, every appraisal assignment begins with a physical examination of the subject aircraft and its records. Each component of value on an aircraft is independently analyzed for it's condition. This includes the airframe, engines, propellers, avionics, interior and paint condition, calendar and hour limited components, deicing components, and aircraft modifications.  When indicated, deductions are taken for poor condition, past due maintenance, recent or current damage, and/or missing aircraft records. Then the aircraft's components of value are added together, the deductions are subtracted, and an opinion of value is generated that is accurate and credible. The final report you receive is an NAAA Certified Aircraft Appraisal, written by an industry expert, and accepted by institutions around the world.


Mr. Lieser has appraised or evaluated more than a thousand aircraft worldwide. He is  competent in all makes and models of piston, turboporp and jet aircraft; including fixed wing, helicopters, experimentals, homebuilts, warbirds and seaplanes. His client list is comprised of private individuals, corporations, insurers, manufacturers, lenders, law firms and government agencies from across the globe. 


USAA is uniquely qualified to assist you with your aircraft appraisal needs. For a confidential quote, please complete the information form on our Contact Us page or call USAA directly at 01+630.815.5499. Curriculum Vitea available upon request.

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July 23 thru July 29, 2018

EAA AirVenture 2018

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Recent Speaking Events:

Sat. January 27, 2018

Chicago Aviation Expo 2018

Guy Lieser & Steve McGreevy

Topic: IFR Operating Tips at 1:30 PM

Holiday Inn, Itasca, Illinois


Wed. December 13, 2017

IMC Club Meeting

J.A. Air Center

Aurora Municipal Airport - KARR

7:00 PM until 8:30 PM


Sun. July 23 - Sat. July 29, 2017

National Aircraft Appraisers Association

Aircraft Exhibit Building C - Booth 3055

9:00 AM until 5:00 PM Daily

Meet Guy Lieser at AirVenture 2017


Tue. July 25, 2017 at 1:00 PM

Guy Lieser & Steve McGreevy

Topic: "Teaching Tactical IFR Flying"

EAA AirVenture - NAFI PDC

KOSH - Oshkosh, WI


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